Saturday, 6 December 2014

The End of Eternity continues!

If you enjoyed End of Eternity, I am happy to announce that book 2 is now available! This was a very emotional story to write, and I learned a lot while researching Carmen's trials. Thank you to everyone who has already read this story and sent me feedback. It means so much to me!

I hope you will all enjoy the new book. 

Tragedy. When it rains, it always pours...

Carmen Winters has already lost so much. Now, she is beyond terrified as she stands to lose the one thing that gave her hope for a better future.

She knows that she can pull through her physical and psychological difficulties, if only someone will stand by her. But with her father and sister occupied with their own struggles in another state, she has no family she can lean on. Her only options are to turn to Brad, a ruthless lawyer mainly concerned with dollar signs, or Owen, a kind doctor with a jealous and spiteful long-term girlfriend.

With or without help from the frustrating men in her life, Carmen will have to find the strength inside herself to carry on. She must make one final journey to say goodbye to her husband once and for all, and lay the past to rest forever.

But when Carmen uncovers startling information about what really led to her husband's death, everything changes...

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  1. i had heard about the series from a close friend and i had seen her go through are nose in the book phase. which makes me want to read the book as well. keep posting more