My Lover, My Murderer

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Release date: November 2018


The day I found out I was pregnant was the day I found out what my fiancé really did for a living. 
In the worst possible way. 
And then he asked me to help him clean the bloodstains out of the carpet. 
I refused. 
He said it was fine. He would just have it replaced with hardwood floors. 
But I really, really liked that carpet. 
Like our relationship, the carpet was ruined forever. 
I knew I had a terrible choice to make. 
I knew I had to get away. 


When I met her she was a fallen princess. 
I did everything to help her get back on her feet. I paid her tuition, I bought her a house. 
I held her when she cried. I listened. I got her the car she wanted. I bought her Louboutins when she graduated-- anything to make her happy. Anything to put a smile on her beautiful face. 
She never asked how. She never questioned it. 
Okay, so I wasn't exactly honest when I said I worked in life insurance. I mean, I do help people collect life insurance policies. The technicalities aren't important. 
And she had the audacity to look at me like that! Like I was the lowest scum on earth. Like I was a scrub from that damned TLC song. 
I may be a hitman, but I am not a scrub. 
Doesn't she understand? Everything I've done, I did it for her. And our baby. 
And if she thinks she's getting away from me that easily, she has another thing coming.


  1. Ms Lost, I Read All Of Your Series Of Carity And The Sequels Of Scarlett, Serena, Snow, Savannah, Sibyl.
    WOOOOW!! and Thank You Soooooo Much. The Last Book Took Me All The Way In As It Unfold. Throughout Each And Every Book I Cried, Laughed, Became So Angry I Wanted To Find These Treacherous Monsters That Plagued The Innocent.
    Now I Need You To Bring A Reunion For Liam And Scarlett Mother (During Coles And Scarletts Wedding) Along With Liam And Helen's (Children) Meeting The Twins And New Addition Coming. Everyone Will Come To The Castle To Connect With Each other And Start A New Tradition And Legacy With Love And Appreciation For Each Other.
    Each With Their Issues Will Allow Therapy To Completely Heal.
    I Hope You Will Do It And I Cannot Wait To Read It Because It Has Already Start To Help Me In Some Gray Areas Of My Life.
    Keep Up The Great Work

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