My Lover, My Murderer

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Release date: November 2018


The day I found out I was pregnant was the day I found out what my fiancé really did for a living. 
In the worst possible way. 
And then he asked me to help him clean the bloodstains out of the carpet. 
I refused. 
He said it was fine. He would just have it replaced with hardwood floors. 
But I really, really liked that carpet. 
Like our relationship, the carpet was ruined forever. 
I knew I had a terrible choice to make. 
I knew I had to get away. 


When I met her she was a fallen princess. 
I did everything to help her get back on her feet. I paid her tuition, I bought her a house. 
I held her when she cried. I listened. I got her the car she wanted. I bought her Louboutins when she graduated-- anything to make her happy. Anything to put a smile on her beautiful face. 
She never asked how. She never questioned it. 
Okay, so I wasn't exactly honest when I said I worked in life insurance. I mean, I do help people collect life insurance policies. The technicalities aren't important. 
And she had the audacity to look at me like that! Like I was the lowest scum on earth. Like I was a scrub from that damned TLC song. 
I may be a hitman, but I am not a scrub. 
Doesn't she understand? Everything I've done, I did it for her. And our baby. 
And if she thinks she's getting away from me that easily, she has another thing coming.

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