Thursday, 23 March 2017

Author Adventures

So much of writing means being locked away in a lonely room with barely any human contact for weeks on end.  But that’s about to change for me!

Next month, I am so excited to be traveling to Europe for the first time. I will be spending a week in France with some amazing writers, working together, taking classes to improve our craft, going on walks, and just having a wonderful adventure to replenish our creativity. I’m also hoping to exercise my rusty French, which I haven’t used since University. (And a few trips to nearby Quebec where everyone speaks English, anyway.)

I find it so interesting the way things work out—it was precisely a year ago that I was working on Clarity 5, and writing about Helen going to France for her honeymoon. I’ve always discovered that when I put a lot of energy and focus into writing about something, it tends to come true for me. Sadly, this hasn’t always been positive. For example, while writing Clarity 4, where Helen was recovering from a massive car accident, I went out for a small drive to de-stress from work, and my car skidded on ice and spun out, before smashing into a telephone pole. 

RIP, my first car, my baby. 😩 We had such wonderful times together!

That was a terrifying experience. Losing control and spinning, and not knowing where I would end up, I remember shutting my eyes tightly and just hoping for the best. I had no time to think. I remember that moment of confusion after my car slammed to a halt and my head jerked forward. When I opened my eyes, I couldn’t see anything. I couldn’t figure out why for a few seconds, and I wondered if I had been injured. Then I realized my glasses had gone flying off my face.

In that moment, I knew that I felt exactly as Helen did in my story—right down to her blindness. To make matters worse, it was the ONE day I happened to forget my cell phone, so I had to climb out of the wreck to get help. In my high heels, through the snow. It was a quiet country road, early on a Sunday morning, and there were not many cars. Luckily, a kind old woman happened to pass by, or I might have had to walk to a nearby farm, and knock on the doors of strangers for assistance.

Overall, I felt like I had brought this upon myself by writing Helen’s accident in such detail. Of course, there was one critical difference: Helen crashed her car in the United States, and I crashed mine in Canada, so that means I also had an extra-large cup of delicious Tim Hortons’ coffee spill all over my favorite red coat! 🙁

I had to finish writing Clarity 4 with a neck brace on, due to my whiplash. For a few weeks, every time I woke up, my neck didn’t have the strength to lift my head off the pillow. I had to reach back with my hands and manually lift my head. Every time I got in a vehicle after that, especially on icy roads, I was a little more nervous than I had been before. I still am.

Anyway, the point of all this is to explain that I intend to write about more pleasant experiences in the future, so that I can bring wonderful things into reality. So far, much of my writing has been dark and filled with disaster—I could list a dozen awful experiences that happened to me after (or before) writing about them. But there are fewer genuinely good and lucky events, and I intend to change that. Somehow. Without compromising my writing style too much!

I think I may have already begun. 

Before heading to France, I will be exploring London for a few days, and staying with a great aunt whom I've never met. I can’t wait to spend hours walking through the streets of London, absorbing every possible detail, soaking in all the atmosphere and culture. I know that it will find a way into my writing someday soon, as have all the places I’ve traveled, and all the people I’ve met.

Writing tends to drain your emotions, experiences, ideas, and energy. It’s important to be constantly refueling. Constantly growing. I have a feeling that this will be one of those special adventures when my life will be as exciting as the stories I write!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram for pictures and videos of my author adventures! 

(Some weeks I don't post much as others, and that probably means I'm hard at work writing. 😉)

Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Bulletproof Boy, sequel to The Fireproof Girl

As we travel deeper into my new book series, I am finding out the deepest, darkest secrets of these characters and growing to love them like my dearest friends. Have you met Scarlett and Cole yet? Their story began in The Fireproof Girl and continues now in The Bulletproof Boy...

Book 2 of the Sophie Shields Mystery/Romance series...

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He has everything a man could want, but has lost the only thing he ever needed...

Fighting his way to the top, Cole Hunter has built the successful architectural firm he dreamed of all his life. But after a recent brush with death, Cole realizes what really matters to him and shifts his priorities. He is willing to give up everything--his company, his friends, his fame--in order to reunite with the woman he loves.
And this time, he won't let her run away again...


At twenty-seven, Sophie Shields is given the opportunity to meet her biological family for the first time. But an innocent woman has been killed by the same monster who shot her brother, and she feels compelled to help bring her justice. For the first time, Sophie is feeling torn between her separate lives, but when an old enemy gets dangerously close to finding her, no identity or location might be safe any longer...

Warning for intense situations, abuse, and possible triggers.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Paperback giveaways ending soon!

There's nothing like a shiny paperback, and all those fresh smelling pages! Enter my Goodreads giveaway to win copies of my novels mailed to you. =)

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The Fireproof Girl by Loretta Lost

The Fireproof Girl

by Loretta Lost

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Clarity by Loretta Lost


by Loretta Lost

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End of Eternity by Loretta Lost

End of Eternity

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

New Release! The Fireproof Girl

A mystery/romance series from Loretta Lost:

She can run, but she can never escape her past...

Sophie was abandoned at birth and grew up neglected and abused. Her only friends were computers, until she met Cole Hunter. He became her everything: brother, protector, and partner in crime.

She believed that nothing could ever tear them apart. Until it did. 

Years later, when news of Cole's murder reaches Sophie, she completely snaps. She will tear down heaven and earth to find his killer, even enlisting the help of her ex-military ex-boyfriend. 

But the more she gets involved with the investigation, the more she puts herself at risk...


When Cole was nine years old, he watched his whole family burn to death in a house fire. He became obsessed with architecture, and rebuilding his life. 

Sophie became his secret weapon. Protecting her was his purpose. But Sophie was a damaged girl right from the start, and it was easy to scare her away. 

In the end, he was unable to save her from her enemies, or from herself...

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Release Day! Clarity 5 is finally here.

If you've read all the books in the Clarity series, I am happy to announce that there is finally a new installment available from all retailers! I have been working on this book for a very long time, and even got to do some interesting research in the form of a DNA test.

More importantly, I laughed, I cried, and I truly enjoyed spending more time with Helen and Liam. Living happily ever after doesn't always mean that life becomes less interesting...

Helen and Liam are engaged to be married and their wedding is fast approaching. But when the young couple begin trying to start a family together, it brings up ancient fears. Liam's estranged parents cause complications, while Helen worries about the health of their future children. 

When a devastating secret from Liam's past emerges, it shakes up everything he has ever known. He begins to feel that it is a huge mistake to try to start a new family with Helen, and the formerly blind writer must take matters into her own hands and do some digging. 

As Liam's mental health declines and his long hours at the hospital take a toll on his body, Helen grows desperate and turns to Liam's best friend, Owen, for assistance. But as everything spirals out of control, Helen wonders if it’s too late, and if she has made a mistake that will cost her everything…

Available from the following retailers:

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Signed Paperback and Bookmark Giveaway!

If you love the Clarity series or End of Eternity, here is your chance to win a signed paperback and a bookmark from the author! Head over to Goodreads to enter.

I will be mailing the goodies out to one lucky reader after the giveaway concludes on March 27th.

Good luck in the draw!

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Clarity 5 is coming soon!

Many readers have been asking for more Clarity, and I am excited to announce that I will be releasing a new book soon! Clarity 5: Loving Liam is the newest installment in Helen's story, 

Happily ever after isn’t always easy…

Helen and Liam are engaged to be married and their relationship is stronger than ever. But when Helen encourages the young doctor to mend fences with his estranged family before the wedding, she unintentionally opens a dangerous can of worms.

A devastating secret from Liam’s past emerges, threatening to tear him apart. The horrors of his family skeletons make him feel that it is a huge mistake to try to start a new family with Helen. Unable to cope, he pushes everyone away, including his fiancĂ©e and even his best friend Owen.

Now Helen must do all she can to save the man who has saved her so many times—if she can even get close enough to try…