Monday, 17 September 2018

Recommended Reading Order for Loretta's Series

As some of you might know, all of my series are interconnected. End of Eternity and The Fireproof Girl are both spin offs from Clarity, and you will find some of the main characters appearing in different stories.

If you are considering reading some or all of the books, this is the "ideal" order that would provide the best reading experience. But if you have started with a later book, don't worry! The story can be enjoyed in many different ways.

Suggested Reading Order:
        • Clarity
        • Clarity 2
        • Clarity 3
        • End of Eternity
        • End of Eternity 2: Chasing Eternity
        • Clarity 4: After the Storm
        • End of Eternity 3: Killing Eternity
        • End of Eternity 4: Escaping Eternity
        • Clarity 5: Loving Liam
        • The Fireproof Girl
        • The Bulletproof Boy
        • The Shatterproof Heart 
        • The Thunderproof Sky

 This is the order in which the books were written, and the most chronological timeline of events. Reading the books in this order is not necessary, but it will prevent certain spoilers!

Fans of Clarity will be happy to know that Helen and Liam have appearances in books 2 and 4 of the Sophie Shields series. If you loved Owen and Carm in End of Eternity, you will be happy to know they also have appearances in these books! Especially in book 4, The Thunderproof Sky, which is due to be released in October, 2018.

The first book of each series is currently free on all retailers, so grab them while you can!

End of Eternity:
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Sophie Shields:
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Happy reading!

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