Clarity 5

The final book in the Clarity series! Clarity 5: Loving Liam

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Happily ever after isn't always easy...

Helen and Liam are engaged to be married and their wedding is fast approaching. But when the young couple begin trying to start a family together, it brings up ancient fears. Liam's estranged parents cause complications, while Helen worries about the health of their future children. 

When a devastating secret from Liam's past emerges, it shakes up everything he has ever known. He begins to feel that it is a huge mistake to try to start a new family with Helen, and the formerly blind writer must take matters into her own hands and do some digging. 

As Liam's mental health declines and his long hours at the hospital take a toll on his body, Helen grows desperate and turns to Liam's best friend, Owen, for assistance. But as everything spirals out of control, Helen wonders if it’s too late, and if she has made a mistake that will cost her everything…

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