Sunday, 16 May 2021

NOW AVAILABLE: The Sick Wife - a romantic thriller with crazy twists!

A long-distance love affair in the pandemic, a crumbling marriage, a fatal disease... grab your copy of Loretta's newest novel today! 

I fell in love with my patient's husband. While she was dying of COVID-19.
Only one problem... she didn't die...

Camilla is a hardworking, mentally exhausted nurse dealing with extremely ill patients daily. Her life is empty and depressing until a beautiful, sick woman ends up in the hospital, and asks Camilla for help calling her husband.

When the woman is placed on a ventilator, and must remain in a medically-induced coma, Camilla continues to call her patient's husband. They talk, and talk, and grow closer day by day... too close. 

But what happens if the patient wakes up? How far will Camilla go to keep her new relationship?

See what happens in Milla's story

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  1. The introduction was great, and it reminded me of "Lost in Space." I haven't read Camilla's story yet, but I'm going to read it soon. Coursework Writing Service